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Interested in becomming a dealer with an exciting new company?? Then read on!!

Why Sell with Riverside Clothing Company?

Having been involved with many different businesses … both in retail environments as well as various Direct Sales type of companies … I wanted to offer something that is unique in the clothing world. Here’s why I’m excited to have you sell with Riverside Clothing Company!

#1 We protect your territory. You get exclusive rights to your city/town. That’s right, you’ll never have to fight with 30 or 40 people in your neighborhood all pushing the same product.

# 2 We'll never grow beyond our protected territories. That’s right … we don’t plan on going from 50 to 150,000 consultants in two or three years … been there – done that – and have the scars to show from it! Right now there’s 285 cities / towns in the USA with 100,000 people or more living in them. We would protect you via a town … or a 25-mile radius whichever is less.

#3 We don't limit your ability to sell in your territory. You know your local area … we don’t. Want to sell in a storefront, then go for it. Want to sell in home pop-ups ... not a problem. It's your territory, do what you want with it. 

#4 We protect MAP pricing online only. You may have your own public website (heck – we’ll even help you get one set up just like our site)  .. but you can only sell at MAP pricing via the web. In store or locally you can do whatever you'd like. You know your area. If you think people will pay higher prices at your venues … then charge more … if you don’t think they’ll pay that price … then charge less. Your territory means your pricing.

#5 High profit margins. All Riverside Clothing comes with profit margins between 45% and 55%. We want you to be successful. Trust me … we don’t make huge amounts of money by wholesaling … our goal is to make you profitable and to keep you as a long-term retailer for us.

#6 No Multi-Level Scams. We are not a multi-level company. You’ll never be asked to create a “down-line” … you’ll never get paid profits on people below you, etc. Our goal is to recruit people who love this clothing as much as we do … and have a passion for selling it.

#7 Low monthly requirements. You simply have to buy the minimum 50 pieces per month to retain your territory. We honor a rolling average of your pieces sold as well … so if you don’t get 50 one month … but you bought a bunch more in past months … then you’re okay! Just don’t let your rolling average drop below 50 for three straight months. If you run into a medical emergency, or some sort of a hardship, we’ll work with you! We also honor maternity leave for 9 months.

#8 Easy to get into vendor events. Most vendor events only take 1 vendor per company ... you’re in luck! You won’t have to fight against 50 other LuLaRoe, 31, Pampered Chef, Avon, etc consultants in the same area. Because of our protected territories, your options are much greater to get the word out!

#9 Pick the clothing patterns you want to sell. Options, options options … that’s the key here! We will give you the ability to pick out of 100s of options (and sometimes even 1000s) ... with the ability to restock patterns that are popular. You won’t get stuck with certain styles or patterns that aren’t popular in your area … or you can key in on your favorites.

#10 We provide stock photography. We’ll give you access to pictures of each item you’ll be selling. While we’d recommend getting a shot of yourself in each style (because your clients will like it) … it’s not a necessity. You’ll be able to use our pictures on Facebook, your website, etc. No need to set up a studio in your own office.



How Do I Sign Up? The first step to selling with Riverside Clothing Company is to send an inquiry to We need to know the following: Your name, phone number, business name (if applicable), address (no PO Boxes) and website if you already have one. After that we’ll send you a dealer agreement form to fill out.

How Much Does It Cost? There’s no sign-up fee. You simply have to purchase your inventory to get started. We have a minimum of 150 pieces to start … but recommend shooting for 250. The price per piece varies, and since you get to choose your pieces, that initial start-up amount varies. Prices per piece are anywhere from $10 - $20+

How Much Is Shipping? You'll never pay shipping for your orders with us! Period!

Boutique-in-a-Bag Option. We offer an option to get you started selling without the hassle of setting things up for yourself. For $500, we’ll get you set up with your own Spotify website, logo, 500 business cards and online POS system. You’ll be given 3-5 design options for your logo and business cards.

How Long Till I Get My Inventory? After you select the inventory pieces you would like and submit your inventory request, it takes about two weeks to get your initial inventory. After that, typical turnaround time is between one and two weeks for new orders of clothing.